Can I rent less than 100 slots for a lower price?
No, currently we don’t offer lower plans, and below there is an explanation why.

By the way, even if an ARK server has no active players (or just 1 or 2 players), anyway it consumes lots of RAM (4Gb-12Gb, 6Gb on average).

Since we don't restrict RAM in any way and since we don't use disk swap (it decreases performance) to limit RAM allocated to each user, we have quite high costs for each server's resources.

We suppose that some other providers could use hard drives and virtual memory (swap partitions). It allows them to make a price lower, however, it affects the performance of all game servers hosted on a particular machine.

That is why we offer 100 slots plan as the lowest plan. However, if you want to limit the number of players you can do it in server settings.